Website support for small to mid-sized businesses

As your web partner, Pitbull Marketing offers website support plans allowing us to actively maintain the security, quality, and performance of your website. Our plans also provide support to assist marketing teams or to manage daily content because you don’t have a marketing team. Whatever your company needs, Pitbull Marketing is your partner in delivering a top-quality experience for your customers, and sales growth for your business. Our team also supports 3rd party software integration such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce.

Starter Support Plan

$360 monthly

Our minimum standard support plan includes 24 hours per year (two hours per month) of support for proactive monitoring and updates of your WordPress website. This package ensures your site stays safe, secure and updated. If you need help with site updates, blog posts or training this covers your basic needs.


  • 24 hours per year
  • Preferred customer wait times
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Professional Support Plan

$825 monthly

This plan is designed for small businesses or those on tighter monthly budgets who need regular weekly content updates, pages built, SEO upgrades, and integration support. This package can support your team on both the marketing and technical sides and includes 60 hours per year (5 hours a month) of support.


  • 60 hours per year
  • Preferred customer wait times
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Enterprise Support Plan

$2800 monthly

For teams that demand a greater allocation of time for technical support and marketing projects, including campaigns, SEO strategy, and creative deliverables from our team. Whatever the tasks are, 20 hours a month, supports your marketing team and helps ensure the success of your enterprise web marketing goals.


  • 240 hours per year
  • Preferred customer wait times
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Website Hosting

Pitbull Marketing offers the fastest, most secure WordPress site hosting on the market combined with full-service maintenance and updates. This platform ensures your website can support high volumes of traffic while remaining protected from malicious entities, and integrates development, testing and production environments, which allows us to manage your website with efficiency and ease.

Tier 1 – Basic Hosting

$50 monthly

This safe, secure, and speedy environment is the standard solution for most new websites, or websites with less than 25,000 visits per month.

The best choice for your basic small business WordPress website.

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Tier 2 – Business Hosting

$125 monthly

An upgraded WordPress hosting solution best for medium sized companies that require more bandwidth, storage and expanded functionality.

The best choice for your growing business WordPress website.

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Tier 3 – Enterprise

$425 monthly

Custom web solutions and corporate websites with more traffic require expanded speed and services for their sites to run efficiently.

The best choice for your high capacity sites on WordPress.

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A Full Suite of Tactical Marketing Services

A sample list of the types of services and support that are available for our clients’ tactical digital marketing needs.

  • Website Maintenance

  • Website Technical Support

  • Content Creation

  • Blogging

  • Landing Page Development

  • Growth Driven Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Social Media Marketing (paid)

  • Email Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Third Party Vendor Manager

  • Research

  • Data Analysis

  • Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Systems Training

  • Marketing Systems Support

  • Email Setup

  • Template Creation

  • Form Creation

  • And Much More